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Welcome Novices!

Novices Welcome! Get on track for the first time! Don't have any prior expereince? You've come to the right place. Our novice run group is for drivers with less than 4 days of experience on a racetrack. We'll match you with an instructor, show you the driving line, cover the passing and flag rules of the track, and you'll meet other drivers at the same level in similar cars to yours.

You'll be on track for approximately five 20-minute sessions, totaling to over 1.5 hours of track time!

What to Wear

You'll need to wear long pants (no shorts), a cotton shirt, closed-toed shoes, and layers for any changes in the weather. You do not need a full racing fire suit unless you are in a car with no interior. You will also need a SA2015 or SA2020 certified helmet. Most tracks will have some available to rent, but they are limited and first-come-first-served. 

What to Bring

We recommend you bring snacks, drinking water, tools to change a tire safely, your tow hook installed (typically found in your OEM flat tire kit),  your completed and signed TECH SHEET, and your car that meets the tech requirements, with your lug nuts tightened to torque spec. Plus comfortable walking shoes, and an attitude to learn and have fun! 

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information and recommended items.

The Novice Experience:

At the beginning of the day, you'll park your car wherever you'd like in the paddock. Take everything out of the trunk and the cabin of the car and drive your car over to the Tech Inspection area, hopefully you remembered to print and complete your Tech Sheet! After your car is finished with the Tech Inspection, you'll walk over to registration to sign-in to get your schedule, wrist band, and turn in your Tech Sheet form. 

Then, before anyone goes on track, all drivers are required to attend the morning driver's meeting. We'll cover the general rules for the day. Then, you'll meet with your assigned instructor (you should have received an email from them a few days prior) and other novices in a small group of 4. Your instructor will recap the rules and make sure everyone's on the same page and ready to go before getting on track. 

The day will start with mandatory parade laps for novices. This session does not require a helmet, as speeds will be kept to a minimum with a pace car. No passing is allowed. The purpose is for everyone to get familiar with the track at low speed. 

After the parade laps, you will meet again with your instructor to discuss more details and the passing drill you will practice on track in your small group.


During the first session, you'll drive out first to the pit lane in a small line of 4 cars with your instructor's vehicle leading the group. Your instructor will go at an easy to follow pace for your first two laps, ensuring you are learning the driving line and locations of corner workers (also called "flag stations").  

After your first session, you'll meet again with your instructor in your small group and discuss with each other, learning the line, and get even more comfortable with passing and learning the track as you progress during your 2nd-5th sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns, we hope you reach out so we can help in any way we can! 

Shoot us an email at

Hope to see you out there with us!





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