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Autobahn South Turn-By-Turn

This is our tour of Autobahn Country Club South in the new 2022 Subaru BRZ!

Flag Meaning video:

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Autobahn Country Club is a Midwest track located in Joliet, Illinois, about 1 hour southwest of Chicago. Join us with RevMatch Track Days! Our instructors have extensive track experience and are excited to bring it to the Midwest.

Novice - For drivers with less than 4 days of track experience.

Intermediate I - For drivers with 4-7 days of track experience and setting an average lap pace.

Intermediate II - For drivers with 8-11 days of track experience and setting a faster than average pace.

Advanced Group - For drivers with 12+ days of track experience. Anyone with a drivers license is welcome to sign up!

- Run Group Total Participant Limits -

Novice: 20

Intermediate I: 25

Intermediate II: 25

Advanced: 20

You will be scheduled for Five 20-minute sessions on track! That's 1 hour and 40 minutes of track time and a whole day at the track! Novices will be placed in a group of 2-4 drivers assigned to an instructor. Novice run groups will focus on learning the basics of track driving, flag meanings, track etiquette, point-by passing, and learning the racing line in a safe and controlled environment. If possible, we allow ride-alongs between students and instructors. Intermediate groups will have point-by passing on the straights of the track only. Advanced groups will point-by passing everywhere except for turns.

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